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Dr. Judith James

Dr. Judith James has been in private practice in Edmonton for over 25 years. While her practice is quite varied, there is an emphasis in working with people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief, and with couples experiencing interpersonal difficulties. As well, she has developed a reputation of considerable effectiveness in working with persons experiencing eating disorders. Conversant with a number of treatment approaches, her overall philosophical approach focuses on the uniqueness of each person’s experiences to promote personal enhancement and growth.

Beyond her major focus in private practice, she was also a part-time Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Nursing, and Supervisor of Family Therapy training with the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta. Dr. James provided psychological consultation to several school districts, and a number of community agencies. She has also conducted numerous workshops and speaking engagements.

Dr. James has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Saskatchewan and graduate degrees (master's and doctorate) in counselling psychology from the University of Alberta.

Dr. James holds membership in the following professional associations:

http://www.drsallybarros.ca/images/arrow.jpgCollege of Alberta Psychologists

http://www.drsallybarros.ca/images/arrow.jpgPsychologist’s Association of Alberta

http://www.drsallybarros.ca/images/arrow.jpgThe National Eating Disorder Information Center: Professional Registry

Contact Dr James at (780) 432-0856. 

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